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Ana is a creative visionary, educator, director, and producer with over 7 years of experience in Theatre Education. I helped beginning singers learn to soar and develop clear, powerful voices by learning healthy habits from the start. Check out what my students are saying. 

Looking for a good vocal teacher is a daunting task because you sometimes don’t know what you’re going to get. I fortunately came across Ana and she was definitely what I was looking for. She’s great teacher not just because she knows so much about music and your voice in general, but also because she genuinely loves to teach and is definitely very good at it. One of my favorite things about Ana is that it is very easy to get comfortable singing in front of her. Ana is amazing and I could not be happier with my progress or my teacher. C.Pllumaj, Yonkers

I'm 37. I'd never written a song and had never taken a voice lesson. I had a song in my heart, a piano piece about an event that changed and nearly shattered me. Within 3 lessons, we were onto something real. She taught me how to breathe, how to be mindful of my resonance, and how to practice. Within 5, were there. We found it. We've continued, accelerating lessons. I'm now preparing to record.

She smiles, she encourages, and she takes the nerves out of it. She takes her time but doesn't waste mine. For me, it’s been the right kind of strain, pushing me hard enough to sweat (and I mean sweat) but not so much to break me. I've been in New York for two months, and my work with Ana has been the highlight.

I guess sometimes you just get lucky. #grateful.

S.Carden, Phoenix AZ

In a short period of time Ana has helped me progress as a singer. She is a coach and educator who is helping me understand the singing process. I am learning so much as well as improving my vocal skills. Also, she makes it a lot of fun and is super encouraging!

J. Kennedy, Riverside,CT

My son and daughter are taking private voice and piano lessons at Empire Performing arts Academy and they love it! As a parent, I appreciate that classes are engaging, very high-energy, and fun. Great variety of music lessons and great faculty, definitely to recommend.

Z.Beg, Westport,CT

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